Ladder To His Heart


I wrote on this subject a couple of blogs away. Listening to other great Preachers and reading books that direct us to the finished work of Christ really open my eyes a bit more to the importance of keeping our focus on the word of God.

This past Sunday, my Pastor(Thabelo Pitso) was preaching on the prodigal son. It was a beautiful sermon. At the end of the sermon, he said, “Study the word of God, keep your mind busy with the word of word, practice thinking on it on a daily basis.” I found that to have been so profound. It may seem light and simple, but it hit me so hard in my spirit and heart. I couldn’t agree with him any further. I am looking to towards building my mental growth in meditating on the word of God just a bit more so as to know more about myself through the eyes and works of Jesus Christ.

I will refer back to the writer of Hebrews again, just to see how much he upholds the word of God. It is just so beautiful. Hebrews 4, 12: For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  This is just beautiful again I say. I have had heard this scripture a lot times being quoted. I have also read it a lot of time,but when I read it yesterday, it blew me away.

I am not neglecting that it says the word of is quick and powerful,that is a topic for another day. Lets see this part,”Even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,” do you understand that the word of God can be able to make you understand the difference between the soul and spirit?  A lot of times, I hear this two words used interchangeably. There is a huge difference between the spirit and soul. We are born again in our spirits. The soul remains the same because it is that part of us that’s responsible for emotions. The Holy Spirit dwells in our spirit. That perfect part of us is the spirit. Our spirit should dominate the soul. That’s a topic for another day but my point is, dwelling on the word allows us to see ourselves for who we really are in our spirit so that the soul may not take rule over us.

Last part of that verse says that it discerns the thought and heart. The word of God discerns thoughts and intents of the the heart. This says that when we take the word of God and meditate on it and dwell on it, it will discern thoughts and intents of the heart. Whose heart and thoughts?  My heart just melted when it dawned on me that through the word of God, we can know the thoughts and heart of God. This is why it happens in a situation whereby you are meditating on a single scripture, you find yourself just melting and being knocked off by the revelations you will draw from that one scripture. You find yourself sucking so much juice from that one scripture. You find yourself hearing God minister to you so much on just that one scripture. That is when the word is telling you the intents of God’s heart.

The word of God is just lovely. Dwelling on it. We find ourselves. Through the word of God we see ourselves just God sees us. Let’s sink in it and see ourselves clearly through the word of God. We hear His heartbeat through His word. We hear Him think through His word.His thoughts for us are pure and good. He hides nothing.There are no secrets any more. Jesus came and revealed every good thing that God is thinking about us,so through His word will we learn what He says and thinks of us.Everything is out in His word for us to learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge of who we have been made through Jesus. His word is that ladder to His heart.

There are so many scriptures that talk about the beauty and significance of the word of God but I was really moved by this particular scripture. Let’s stick on His word and always ladder our way to hearing His heartbeat and seeing His thoughts.


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