You Qualify

My child… No one should try to disqualify you from my goodness. You have every right for my goodness to be heading in your direction. Yes in a moment of time, you had no right to stand with conviction pertaining my goodness. Today, no one should ever joy in trying to make you any short of my love.

You could even look into the scriptures, I really got mad when people would try to disqualify others in actually receiving forgiveness or healing. No one should try and make you feel any less loved by me. Not food or days or apparel or appearance or falling short should by any means give you an idea that you are loved any less.

Today, I am the Sabbath, you rest in me, I am the real Sabbath. No one should make you feel like you are falling short for not observing that day.  Remember when people would try to stop me from doing good on the day of the Sabbath, I would really get irritated. I am the real Sabbath, I have come to give you rest in working to find and attain love from me. I would ask the scribes and Jews which was profitable, to let a man die just because it’s a Sabbath or for me to give life,and that would confuse them. So, my child, you are qualified for my love through me, your Lord Jesus.

You are just well qualified my child. Anyone who may try to disqualify you for what you have done, don’t they know that my Grace has covered that and beyond?  Yes, when you have done something wrong and you needed to be shown, it should be done in a way of a love approach, that is not really your orientation and a facet of who you are now. Correct each other in love and patience. Just because you fell short, it should not be that I will love you any less. Don’t you know where sin abounds, Grace abounds all the more?  But does that give you a license to sin? No, how can they who were set free from sin continue there in sin? Live up to your new identity through me, your Lord and Savior Jesus.

No one should disqualify you of receiving love from me, my sweet and precious child. No, not anyone my Son, my Daughter. It is not about how long you pray that will qualify you for my love and undying passion. No, 100% No my child. Yes, you should be encouraged to pray, that is not for me to love you any less or more, you do so because in so doing, you get edified and cry your heart’s desires to me, not for me to increase my love for you. Praying makes you a bit more aware of my love. Praying makes you aware of who you are. Praying is an integral part of your spiritual life. You know, I used to pray a lot of times when I was earth, because it is an essential part of one’s spiritual life and growth. Even praying can not disqualify you. Once you believe in my death for you and resurrection, you are saved once and for all. No one should disqualify you my baby.

You are hopelessly and irreversibly saved. You qualify for my love and care for eternity. Do not let anyone disqualify you. Neither should you disqualify yourself my child. No one should tell you that you should that you should read the Bible for such and such a time so that you may be increasing in favor and love, NO. Yes, you should be encouraged to read your Bible on a regular basis so as to equip yourself for growth spiritually, because that is how you will grow also in understanding in love and for your spiritual growth. You will see who you are now. How much power you walk in and how well favoured you are already in. Nothing you do can make me love you more or any less. Do not let anyone disqualify you. I, your Lord Jesus have done enough for God to love you and forever for that matter. You can not add anything or subtract anything. Do not let anyone disqualify you. In simple terms, you are well qualified for my eternal love.

You are enough and you qualify for my love my son. You qualify for my love, my daughter.

2 thoughts on “You Qualify

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it.
      I stopped by to check your blog. Really interesting. I read the one about growing you blog. But didn’t see where the comment section is. Wanted to ask how🙈😅


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