Tears Of Joy

“Write 500 words every day!!!!” She said. Here I was, thinking, how is that even possible. “Always make time for your craft,” She clearified. “What am I hearing?”I soliloquized.  Bewildered at the thought of sacrifice that one has to intensely and decisively do. “Is she serious?” I thought to myself. She was not backing down. She was fearlessly saying what she means and meant what she was saying.

It all started when I saw a post on Facebook, she had posted about needing about 6 people to mentor in writing and having their first EBook published. I felt my inhabitions being stretched. I knew that I wanted to write a book but did not in my wildest dreams think that it is something I would do to in the age that I am in. I figured that I would probably do my first book launch at the age of 50 or so. I jumped right at the offer and asked her to approve me to be mentored by her. Regardless the restriction of age she had put and me being way ahead of the age range she wanted, she approved and her yes was welling something in me, I know it was welling something in me but could not put my finger on it.


Proverbs 9:9, “Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning”  She began giving the 6 of us some really good instructions in a group chat. “Commit yourself to writing 500 words per day,” indeed the instruction was a stretch, to me personally, I can’t speak for the other 5 individuals. Already writing for my blog about 700 words once per week was a challenge. So here she was giving this instruction. A challenge though it was,  I took it and I have mounted up to doing just that and approaching to that finish line, one day at a time.

Proverbs 1:5 “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsel.”   Indeed I did hear the wise words. “Keep pushing even when it gets hard, fall in love with writing” she kept saying, over and over again. I jumped right at the suggestion. Made it my own. I knew I loved writing, but ever since she became a mentor to me, I have fallen deeper in love with writing, it has become an addiction to me now. She awakened in me a dream I did not think it was possible at the age I am at now. I am not there 100% but I will get there. My pastor always mentioned to us that in the field of interest you are into, connect with someone who can motivate you and paint a canvas for you on where you want to go and how to take your first move. It was had been really hard for me to get one until that Facebook post appeared on my Newsfeed.

Indeed something was welling in me, there was a well of something being formed. “What is this well?” Somebody help me please. What is this well. Anyway, I will always be thankful to this lady. There is a lot she taught me but I was just trying to say that what she has begun in me, I hope and pray that I as will pass it to the next generation of writers, who are yet not sure of their direction. Who can’t seem to navigate their way to their purpose of writing.

Psalms 71:18“Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.”  I want to be able to sing this words of David and live up to them. I know this lady is already living up to the scriptures. She is yet to live up to this scripture. She is not grey headed yet (smiley_face)  and already she is living up to it. May the good God edify you and craft to live on and live long. See many more great days ahead of you. Be one of the greatest greatest authors in Africa and worldwide.

Oh yes, now I know what the welling up is, it’s simply tears of joy, knowing that I am pursuing my passion, being an author. Wow, what a beautiful coincidence, a beautiful coincidence because her name is Likeleli (translated TEARS). Tears of joy you brought to me and many more tears of joy she will bring to the next generation of writers.

(Likeleli Kapa)


She has recently released her 3rd book, the product of a poligumus set up.availble now on Amazon.follow the link to have your copy.


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