You Know Me

Many did not know me in the days past. Many did not understand me fully. Many feared me. They could not approach me. They did not know what a close personal friendship with me felt like. Many did not hear my voice on a personal level. They did not have revelations at all. I was still a God with love so deep but a relationship with me was so strained. A God with Love and passion but the time was not right for them to enjoy me.

What about today my child?  What can you say about my relationship with your?  Is there still a distance between me and you? Do you still have to sweat and be drained of your energy for me to set my eye on you? Do you not know about me my precious child? My child, am I still that kind of father? Do you have to tremble and and fear when you have to be in my presence?

Today my son, you know me. Yes I say you know me. Is that shocking to you my child?  I bet it is. Yes my my daughter, you do know me. In you is the spirit that is so inclined to me, your Father.  All scripture that you read is given by inspiration of Me, your God and Father.This word is profitable for doctrine, for reproofing you, for correcting you and for instruction in righteousness. This word is part of who you are now.

I have given you a whole new identity, and this identity is me. For you to know a bit more of me and experience me, you have to study the word and and know who you are and to see that I have made you to become me, hence why I say you know me. You are incredibly made into ME(shocking eh?)and my love has been made available to you in truth and spirit. You do not have to quiver at my anger towards you anymore. You are now a walking identity of who I am. Yes, a walking identity of Me indeed.

You have the mind of your savior, Jesus Christ. Yes you have His mind my child. Hence why I am saying you know me. All you have to do is, believe it, walk in this truth. Read about me in my word, that is how you will grow in understanding my child. I am an available God to you, all the time, and yes, You Know Me. Believe in that truth and walk in it. You are a dear child to me my son. You are a dear child to me my daughter. I want to see you walk in that understanding and experiencing me for yourself and being a true replica of my undying love for humanity. You know me my child.

Walk to me, walk in me everyday and let me feed you with this word everyday my child. You are a son to me. You are a daughter to me. You are the church in which I dwell in my son, my daughter. You are ME today. Come on, declare it with me now, say it with conviction, “I AM JESUS TODAY.”

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