Beautiful Gift

This is dedicated to my unborn child. I’m not expecting a child now or anytime soon but just thought I would scribble something down for my baby. I love you wherever you are.

“Hello little one. As I write I this, you are not yet born. I do not know you. But believe me, I can see you and feel your energy from afar. I can see you yet I find it so hard to visualize your face. I try so hard to squint and make you up in my head. I want to see you. I want to see you. How can someone be so far yet I feel their presence so strongly?

I can’t wait to see your beautiful face. I can’t wait to hold you and rock you till you sleep in my arms and majestically have your beautiful little head on my chest. I want to meet you. Sometimes I say I miss you, how can I miss someone who has not physically existed. That is how adorable you are my little one. I can’t wait to take a whiff of your soft curly beautiful black hair my baby. I don’t know you yet but already I love you so much.

Right now I Write this for you lying on my bed, typing this letter to you my unborn beautiful gift, I am listening to a song called “What a beautiful name”. It’s a beautiful song talking about how Jesus is all powerful and lovely. This song, I dedicate to you my child. I want to hold you at night and listen to this song and just thank God for bracing me with such a beauty as you.I want to have our first dance to this song.

I love you my precious gift. I cannot wait for you to brace me with your presence. I don’t know you yet, I have not held you yet but I miss you so much. I know one day, you will be here. I will wait with baited breath. Can’t wait to see you and hold you.

Your name will be (Mphoentle) translated “Beautiful Gift”… You will indeed be that beautiful gift. I am waiting for you to come. It’s taking long but I will be patient. Yet I know that God loves you. You are a wonder in His eyes. He has fashioned and you and knows you already. You are a permanent resident in His heart.

I am waiting for you and would love it if you grew into this verse, Psalm 139: 14 “you are fearfully and wonderfully made…” Indeed I am joying in you.”

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