I Fixed It

My child. My beautiful daughter. My brave and strong son. Please hear my heart’s cry. When I call you child, it’s not about giving you a yoke you can’t handle. I know the term, “my child” might be a bit hard for you to chew. But yes, you are my dear,  dear child. Believe it or not but you are my child.

You know when I called my disciples. When I was about to put my ministry in tune. For people to know about me and extent my word even after my death and ascension. They were the ones to sustain the Gospel. My spirit working in them to be able to extend it. I went to the sea of Galilee. Just a quick point my child. Ministry can not be done by only you, you need people supporting you and praying for you. So take that note in consideration.

As I was saying,  when I was calling my disciples, they didn’t know about me. They were busy doing their work. They were fishing, trying to sustain their families. Struggling to make ends meet but fishing nonetheless. I called them, mind you, these people didn’t know about me but they came after me immediately. So my child, even when  you do not know what it is that is happening in your life, come my child, when I call, I know you are well able to hear me. I am your father and you know my voice. I can do so much with your life. More than you would never even imagine.

I called others that were busy fixing their nets. They had to put something on the table of their families but the nets kept messing up. My child, I know you try so hard sometimes to try and fix your own life. My son, let your life go. Let it go. Let me sit in the front sit. Let me drive this journey. I know what I am doing, trust me. My intentions are good for you. My intentions are superb. My good intentions for you are complete and done, all you have to do is to walk into them, allow me to direct you into them.

You can not fix everything all on your own my precious child. Why are you trying to fix what is already done, do not sweat my child, it is done. It is fixed. All I want you to do is for you to relax and let go of your life into my hands. The disciples did not even ask questions, they jumped at the opportunity of allowing me to fix their mess. They let their lives go, technically and literally.

My child, I am your God and your father, your Abba. I have already fixed it, I fixed it already, walk into it with me. I am your lead and your guide. I did it. Just let me lead you, the disciples came after me, the true word of Life. So what you have today my child is to interest yourself in my word and see a wonder that is already complete being done. I fixed it my child. I fixed your frustrations. I laid them aside. Abide in my word and see the reality come to reality.

Dwell your mind on my word and see it my child. Stop fondling on it and trying to fix what is already fixed my child. You are my one and true beautiful child. I would not want you to struggle in having what I already fixed. Just believe, let your guard down and walk into my reality my child.

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