My Heart Dances For You


In your tattooed heart my son, my daughter, that’s where I want you to keep that knowledge. I know very well my precious baby, that there are times when you feel unloved. Well, you know what, in that moment when you feel like my love is not flowing for you, please my beautiful baby, know this, my love is constantly flowing into you.

“But God…… how can you love me when I…” Hold it right there my child. Don’t you know that I am all knowing, when I send my Son to replace you on that cross 2000 years back, I knew very well that today, you might fall short but I send Him anyway. You know why? Because I knew that in anyway would you be all perfect by yourself my child and never will you be, incase you are wondering whether or not you will ever be. I’m not trying to burst your bubble my loving child, but what I am trying to emphasize to you is that you should stop trying to measure my love for you on the line of whether you are doing good or bad.

That has to stop my adorable child. My love for you is entirely based on what Jesus accomplished on that cross.  My vengeance was absorbed into his battered body. My anger was exhausted in His dilapidated body. My wrath was quenched by His bruised body. My need for punishment was drained into His open wounded body. My fury was satisfied when it swirled like a cyclone into His deformed body.

My son, what am I telling you? My daughter do you get what I am implying?  The vengeance, anger, wrath, need for punishment, fury, all these were sentiment I had planned against you. All these disposition of feelings were planned to destroy you but after Jesus took the liberty to let and accept the torture for you, everything was changed. Hold that thought a bit and let me paint another canvas for you, do you allow me? Ok, here I go.

The blessings that were for Jesus, they made their march into you. Yes my lovely child, you heard me right, into you. The everlasting smile I always had for Him, well, you guessed right, it beautifully turned to you. The joy I held and always held whenever I looked at Him flushed right into you. Unbelievable? Well, it’s true and as real as the sunrise. The dance I had in my heart whenever I looked at Him, tip toed it’s way around your existence. Even as you read this my son, my beautiful daughter, my heart is skipping for you, my heart beats for you, my heart dances in a million moves for you my glorious child.

Let me tell you this again my sweet baby,my heart dances for you. My heart spins for you. In every breath you take,my heart dances in your existence. My heart does the moon walk dance in your every waking day. My heart dances for you my child. Whether you are working, walking, praying, out with your friends, doing your chores, watching TV, singing, drawing, writing, in the garden, doing carpentry, having a glass of water, listening to music you love, making your bed, preparing to sleep, my child, My Child, MY PRECIOUS CHILD, MY HEART DANCES FOR YOU. IT DANCES AND SKIPS FOR YOU.

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