My Love Is Steadfast


I know my precious one, it may be so hard for you to let it sink in your head that my heart dances for you, but believe me please my child. I do take great pride in you.

I know my son, I know you mess up, I know you messed up today,you messed up a day ago,5 days days ago,many years ago. My son I know you fell short .My daughter I know you didn’t do 100% of what may be considered as holy acts. Bursting your bubble again, you will not and will never do 100% of what may be required by me or my standards. You may be thinking that you are inadequate for what you did today or a year ago my son, my daughter. But do you see my heart in an opposite direction? My heart remains steadfast for you my child. In the midst of your screw up, in the midst of your mess up. Son, my daughter, my child, my heart is unshakable. Your mess  doesn’t move my heart away from you. I love you today, yes I know and you know that you messed up, I love you still.

My steadfast love lives in the midst of your mess. Baby no one has been a better friend. You can find a million friends, but I stand to be the realest and truest friend. You know how many fingers can condemn you in actually what you did , but you know what I do my son, I pour out my undying love from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. This is not to say that you continue in what you did, it is so that you may realize who you have become through the blood of Jesus.

My love is kind and beautiful. My love for you is steadfast. I love you and I promise you, I always will. I choose you, and forever I’ll choose you still. I’ll love you out of your failures. Do not ever condemn yourself my child. Regardless of what you find yourself thinking, my wrath was satisfied in the body of Jesus. You are my favorite child. Did you hear that my son, you are my favorite. You are my favorite, did you hear that my daughter. Yes, you are my favorite.

My child, regardless of what you did today or yesterday or 10 years back, my love is steadfast for you my child. Do not let yourself to be confused my child. My love is steadfast for you my child.

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