Jesus Over Shame



I remember being in primary school, in standard 5 to be precise. The teacher was not around and the class was earsplitting like it was inevitable. Just in the mist of the delinquency of the pupils, out in front were boys being boys. A game had trended, it was a really juvenile game where at the end of the game, one person would have to be ripped their pants to the sole of their ankles. As it went forth, a friend of mine was among-st these self-indulgent activity, and when he turned around, his trousers were pulled down. Not only his trousers went down but his underwear was gripped as well. His modesty was on display. He was so ashamed, as he pulled his garments up. The shame was so visible on his face as people burst in an irrepressible laughter and glee. This shame was as the noonday.

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This bridges me to my point about nudity and where I want to drive my point across. Genesis 3:7, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.”The two habitats of the Garden of Eden were all the time naked but didn’t really see it or consider the matter. So after having eaten the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, they became really aware of their nudity and in what state they were in. It was only the two of them and yet they were blanketed by shame as they realized in what state they were in. They did not know they would be naked and as reality struck, it brought intense shame to these two. Genesis 3:10,“,” even when God inquired about where they were, they confirmed that they were afraid. There weren’t any people with them yet they even had to hide from God. They felt the shame. Nakedness brings shame when done without intention.

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Death on the cross was an ultimate humiliation. Some scholars and ministers have the idea that Jesus was crucified uncovered, totally naked. They believe this was done so as to humiliate Jesus to the highest level. Steve Ray on his April 12 2017 post on “Was Jesus crucified naked?” says that there was no limit in actually having to punish Jesus. He believes the painters that portrait Jesus’s crucifixion could not envision Jesus in complete nudity hence they portray him with the cloth covering him. This is done just for the modesty of Jesus. Steve Ray was just trying to drive the point home about the shame that was taken by Jesus for us. I may not be directly sure about this scenario but the fact that Jesus was such a perfect reconciliation savior that He would be crucified naked so that he would take my shame on the cross so that today I might live with such confidence, I could not be grateful enough.
I may not speak for all people in saying once in a while we walk in shame even when there is nothing wrong we did but I know for certain it happens to me. So knowing that Jesus felt the shame that was supposed to have come to me, I should, today walk in such outstanding confidence and not feel an ounce of shame. Romans 5:5 says, “And hope addeth no shame because the love God was shared abroad in our hearts by the Holy spirit that was given to us.”Shame does not exist anymore; Jesus dealt with it on the cross. Whenever you are tempted to wallow in shame, remember the Jesus that hung on the cross in the nude. That enough should speak volumes to the fact that Jesus is so good that he would hang to own our shame so that we might have hope that adds no shame.

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One instance I remember was when I was in church and we were worshiping and my hands were high in the sky. In that moment I got aware of myself and immediately felt a rush of shame in my heart because I realized that some people were not lifting their hands up. In that moment I realized that wasn’t the Lord shaming me. In my heart I could hear God say, “look at the cross, what you are feeling now was dealt with by your savior, own the confidence and worship with freedom and confidence.” In that moment, confidence and assurance enveloped me and I enjoyed my freedom and my perfect right to stand before the father and enjoy singing praises to His name.
The bottom line is that we should confidently own the freedom and the assurance. Jesus paid too much of a price on the cross by letting our shame, the shame of the whole world to punish and burden Him. He was shamed, being left to die on the cross naked. Let’s own our right and enjoy him  a friend and a father who took our shame. We don’t have to feel shame today.

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