“Giving $20 Explanations to a 50 Cent World” Is Difficult!

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SCRIPTURE – 1 PETER 1:13-20 Be Holy…How is this even possible? I have had difficulties over the years just being a decent husband and father to my three kids.  How am I supposed to be as HOLY as the One True Living God?  I’m just human.  I make mistakes, many of them.  So does HOLY mean I just need… Continue reading “Giving $20 Explanations to a 50 Cent World” Is Difficult!

Law Vs Grace

The Bible is categorized into twofold mandates; it is the Old Testament and the New Testament. Mutually are vital, going through the Old Testament you witness Jesus concealed and the New Testament is Jesus revealed. Furthermore, the old covenant is the place where we know about the ten commandment and many other commandments.  But the ten that we know mostly about are the ones that … Continue reading Law Vs Grace