Devine Encounter

“Life is full of surprises.” That is a phrase that has been used so many times in this new age . It has somehow turned into a cliche. I hear this phrase being postulated when someone says something good will happen if one is going through a rough patch and sometimes used when it refers to “karma” If someone was unfair and mistreated someone or even broke one’s heart. It is sited to mean that, that person who has inflicted harm will somehow fall into in an unfortunate incident.

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On a different related topic which I’ll go into a fully explained detail, karma does not exist. I like how Jeremiah Johnson says it, “Jesus fired the karma police with the cross.” Here is the point I’m driving to, social convention dictation, truth or false though it might be, that life is full of surprises, I would like to believe that nothing takes God by surprise. Taking that phrase in a positive outcome of course. Ephesians 1:11 “In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will.”  This gives us such an incredible expectation of the goodness of God being manifesfed in our lives. This says that God is the one that sets good things for us. It’s just a matter of time until we walk into all that is good that God has planned and accomplished through Jesus on the cross. God delivers all things good for us by Christ Jesus.

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Psalms 5:12 “For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.” This speaks volumes to what I just encountered. Before I go into deep. Let me just emphasize that righteousness is not what I do, rather it is who I am. Jesus on the cross gave me this nature, I didn’t attain it by way of my merit, or by my obedience or my works, NO,  I attained it my the merit of Jesus. By His perfect and complete merit on the cross.

So going into what recently happened to me, I met a friend from India.

Er.Bhuvnesh Bhushan Dohare. He has been of such a blessing to me. For a while now, I did not know how to build my blog. All I was concentrated on was writing about Jesus and His Grace. Then I came across this wonderful entrepreneur. He really helped me with building my blog. I did not even pay a cent, in him building me and giving me great tips on how to grow my blog. This doesn’t happen often he explained. Now my blog is available on Google and appears on top search engine( I can not thank God enough for such an encounter. It’s a long way to go and to be able to reach more people with this message God has put on my heart to deliver.

This friend of mine is an accomplished creative professional with a proven track record in all aspects of end to end creative process ranging from concept through execution. Having had this acquaintance with him,  I have really seen him as an excellent team player and collaborator. A forward thinking individual who brings perspective to a brand and a marvelous promotion development. If you were to ever be in need of his services visit his site to see what powerful executions he is advancing in ( He has been of such a great help. He sells softwares. He build brands. He goes through step by step lessons on how to host your blog. God brought this encounter and I can not thank God enough by this man’s beautiful work.

Isaiah 58:11 “And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” God is true in fullfiling His promises. He indeed has fulfilled them through our Lord Jesus Christ. May we lay our understanding on His guidance and let Him and only Him lead us into great encounters and divine encounters for that matter.

This blog post is dedicated to Mr Bhuvnesh. Thank you so much and may God advance you in all your steps and professional field. May you see all your plans fall into place. You are a man of technical science. May we see your inventions being part of our lives in the years to come.

My Heart Dances For You


In your tattooed heart my son, my daughter, that’s where I want you to keep that knowledge. I know very well my precious baby, that there are times when you feel unloved. Well, you know what, in that moment when you feel like my love is not flowing for you, please my beautiful baby, know this, my love is constantly flowing into you.

“But God…… how can you love me when I…” Hold it right there my child. Don’t you know that I am all knowing, when I send my Son to replace you on that cross 2000 years back, I knew very well that today, you might fall short but I send Him anyway. You know why? Because I knew that in anyway would you be all perfect by yourself my child and never will you be, incase you are wondering whether or not you will ever be. I’m not trying to burst your bubble my loving child, but what I am trying to emphasize to you is that you should stop trying to measure my love for you on the line of whether you are doing good or bad.

That has to stop my adorable child. My love for you is entirely based on what Jesus accomplished on that cross.  My vengeance was absorbed into his battered body. My anger was exhausted in His dilapidated body. My wrath was quenched by His bruised body. My need for punishment was drained into His open wounded body. My fury was satisfied when it swirled like a cyclone into His deformed body.

My son, what am I telling you? My daughter do you get what I am implying?  The vengeance, anger, wrath, need for punishment, fury, all these were sentiment I had planned against you. All these disposition of feelings were planned to destroy you but after Jesus took the liberty to let and accept the torture for you, everything was changed. Hold that thought a bit and let me paint another canvas for you, do you allow me? Ok, here I go.

The blessings that were for Jesus, they made their march into you. Yes my lovely child, you heard me right, into you. The everlasting smile I always had for Him, well, you guessed right, it beautifully turned to you. The joy I held and always held whenever I looked at Him flushed right into you. Unbelievable? Well, it’s true and as real as the sunrise. The dance I had in my heart whenever I looked at Him, tip toed it’s way around your existence. Even as you read this my son, my beautiful daughter, my heart is skipping for you, my heart beats for you, my heart dances in a million moves for you my glorious child.

Let me tell you this again my sweet baby,my heart dances for you. My heart spins for you. In every breath you take,my heart dances in your existence. My heart does the moon walk dance in your every waking day. My heart dances for you my child. Whether you are working, walking, praying, out with your friends, doing your chores, watching TV, singing, drawing, writing, in the garden, doing carpentry, having a glass of water, listening to music you love, making your bed, preparing to sleep, my child, My Child, MY PRECIOUS CHILD, MY HEART DANCES FOR YOU. IT DANCES AND SKIPS FOR YOU.

The Plan Has Been Executed

1549456332185This is my love letter to you son. Forever you will remain a child dear to me my daughter. I know you have read and heard that I have a plan to prosper you, to give you a hope and a future.

Child oh my child, yes I had a plan for you back then, back, back then. It was all true. But here is a thing today for you grab hold of my child. To master and rejoice in. The plan has been executed. The plan is sealed and delivered. My child, yes I had a plan for you, a plan for you to live a happy life. To live a joyous life. My plan was great for you my child. My plan was great for you my precious child.

Like every other parent, I had a plan for you my child. The plan was drawn down. Well designed, well traced and well set out. Just like a cartoonist would first draw before he brings the characters he has drawn to motion, I too, did that. I too my son had a plan in mind for you. I could not put you on earth and not have a plan at all. I did it and set it up my child. Worry not my son, the plan is executed.  For long you heard the words that I had a plan for you, my precious child, please know this, the plan has been executed. The plan has come to life.

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My plan was entitled to so many things, so many I tell you. One of them was to call you into my Kingdom and dominion. One of them was to declare you righteous, to declare you liberated and empowered with the Holy Ghost. Guess what, it has come to manifestation my child. Oh yes, it has come to manifestation my child.

Everything has been made anew my child. My plan was of higher power, yes, a higher power.  The plan I had for you, not even your natural parent could have such a plan. No one could plan what I had planned for you my precious child. My iron daughter, my iron son.

My plan was to set you free through your Lord Jesus Christ. My plan was to deliver you from mediocrity my child. I am telling you my child, you have been imparted with so much authenticity and wisdom. You have been liberated with justice and redemption my child. My son, my iron daughter, my plan was to enrich you with wealth and all good things, my child, you may not see it or even believe it but you have been made wealthy and have been given riches of the heaven and of the earth. Yes you may be in a position of not seeing them or having them but yes, the plan has been executed and I am declaring you wealthy, rich, having more than enough. My son, favour is outpoured on you.

My son, walk with this in your heart and mind, the plan has been executed. The plan was for Jesus to set you free. To give you a white as snow spirit. Bright and beautiful is who you are and who your name is. This is the plan my child. Jesus delivered you from the wrath to come. You are safe from harm’s way.

My Love Is Steadfast


I know my precious one, it may be so hard for you to let it sink in your head that my heart dances for you, but believe me please my child. I do take great pride in you.

I know my son, I know you mess up, I know you messed up today,you messed up a day ago,5 days days ago,many years ago. My son I know you fell short .My daughter I know you didn’t do 100% of what may be considered as holy acts. Bursting your bubble again, you will not and will never do 100% of what may be required by me or my standards. You may be thinking that you are inadequate for what you did today or a year ago my son, my daughter. But do you see my heart in an opposite direction? My heart remains steadfast for you my child. In the midst of your screw up, in the midst of your mess up. Son, my daughter, my child, my heart is unshakable. Your mess  doesn’t move my heart away from you. I love you today, yes I know and you know that you messed up, I love you still.

My steadfast love lives in the midst of your mess. Baby no one has been a better friend. You can find a million friends, but I stand to be the realest and truest friend. You know how many fingers can condemn you in actually what you did , but you know what I do my son, I pour out my undying love from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. This is not to say that you continue in what you did, it is so that you may realize who you have become through the blood of Jesus.

My love is kind and beautiful. My love for you is steadfast. I love you and I promise you, I always will. I choose you, and forever I’ll choose you still. I’ll love you out of your failures. Do not ever condemn yourself my child. Regardless of what you find yourself thinking, my wrath was satisfied in the body of Jesus. You are my favorite child. Did you hear that my son, you are my favorite. You are my favorite, did you hear that my daughter. Yes, you are my favorite.

My child, regardless of what you did today or yesterday or 10 years back, my love is steadfast for you my child. Do not let yourself to be confused my child. My love is steadfast for you my child.

Tattooed Heart


My precious child. Before I could even tell you of the million things I want you to know about me, this is the first and most sure thing I want you to know. I can explain how I made the earth and how much of power and authority I have but this is the most precious thing I would want you know and forever rejoice in.

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My child, I can tell you the distance that the sun travels from the east to the west. I can calculate for you and administer unto you how much the heat of the sun can melt fine gold into liquid. Before I tell you all that my child. I want you to know this. Pluck out your ears and don’t try and purify your heart first for me to tell you this because what I am about to tell you can purify your heart. My child, do you know that meaning of deliver? The one meaning I am talking about is being SAFE. Yes I have saved you, on the cross I hung and I delivered you from the kingdom of darkness and translated you into the Kingdom of light. The kingdom of liberty.

My child, my Kingdom of joy, jubilee, celebration, beauty and holiness. This is but a tear drop size beauty i wouldn’t want you to limit yourself on, compared to the ocean size beauty I did for you. The Kingdom I translated you into through my death and resurrection is an ocean size worth of beauty. It’s so much more than an ocean size, but I want your limited mind to be able to at least have a jist of what I’m talking about.. (Hahaha).. Yes my child, amongst all these my child, see how lovely they are, I however still want you to first and forever know this that I want you to know and keep it in your heart and mind as a priority.

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I want you to busk in it and dance your sorrows away just holding unto this knowledge. At this time, right now might be a new year, a new season but what I want you to know is timeless my child. My road to the cross was torture, I was spat at, in my face my child and I’m sure you know that if someone spits in your direction, that would spark hatred but directly in your face, I’m sure it would spark a world War 4.But  through all that, I walked to Golgotha, with a mission and would not back down until I accomplished it. A soldier never backs down. My mission was to safe you my child. My thoughts were pumping your name. Yes my child your name. Oh yes my child, your name. You were my eye candy through all that.

I walked through all of that my child, but still, this that I want you to know is something I want you to tattoo on your heart. Let that ink be an infallible one. Before you think of having a tattoo my child, let me tattoo you first please my child.Even if you already have a tattoo,its ok,what I want you to have, is this tattoo on your heart.Let me tattoo you my beautiful precious child. My child, what I want to tell you and tattoo you in your heart and mind is this, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND BEING, YES  MY CHILD, YOU DID NOT HEAR IT WRONG, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.